Zell Dincht (zell_dincht) wrote in soulcaliburii,
Zell Dincht

RP promo

I hope I'm allowed to do this and I don't see anywhere on the user info saying you can't but...

I'm looking for Soul Edge/Calibur RPers for a RP I created and collaborated with my best friend. We take all characters from any Soul Edge/Calibur games. If you need more info, take a peek here:


The only catch is that there is an appy (a simple one) you have to submit, and Kilik, Yunsung, and Talim are taken. Everyone else is available. And also, this is a multifandom RP. There are other games in which you can apply for.

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment or catch me on my AIM s/n, Thief Legault. Thanks!

x-posted to other similar comms, so please excuse the dust if you see this more than once? *smilesweatdrop*
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