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Soul Calibur cosplay at AnimeUSA

Got back from AnimeUSA. I didn't cosplay from Soul Calibur like I normally do (I've retired my Kilik costumes--hope to make a new one soon though!), but I did take pics at the Soul Calibur photoshoot featuring some friends of mine:

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And here's a gif I just had to make with two of the pics that I took:

Kitty Paws
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Nightmare Doll

Hello! I'm a young artist who makes anime/video game plushies. I recently made a Nightmare doll from Soul Calibur II. This doll was on comission, but it's starting to look like the person who asked for him is going to back out without paying. There's still a chance they may buy him, but in case they don't I thought I'd post him and see if anyone else was interested!

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Lisa vs Yoko
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Soul Calibur at AX2006

Thought I'd share my Soul Calibur cosplayer pics from Anime Expo over the weekend. I was there as P2 Kilik from SCII, but I almost never get pics of myself!

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There was a large gathering for the Soul Calibur photoshoot with all of the above attending, along with a number of others (including 2 Nightmares!)

I don't have any pics of that, since I was in the mix getting pics taken, but there will probably be a number of pics from that posted on soon enough. I'll link to those when they go up if there is interest.

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Grand Rapids Fight Club Presents
The Ultimate Video Game Experience

Specializing in:
A Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament--Singles and Doubles (Nintendo Gamecube)
A Soul Calibur 2 tournament (Multi-platform)
and A Dragonball Z Budokai 3 Tournament (Playstation 2)

The Tournament will be held at

The Ultimate Lan Experience in Grand Rapids, Michigan
537(Suite A) Leonard Street NW Grand Rapids, MI.

The Date of the Tournaments will be held on
Saturday April 29th, 2006.

for more information check out gr_fightclub
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Feb 18th Soul Calibur 3 tournament - spread the word!

Disclaimer - This is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Wasn't sure if anyone would care, but thought I'd go ahead and post about it just in case -
Soul Calibur 3 - Feb 18th Tourny!@#
That's right, another SC tournament is coming up!

The last tournament we had went great, with 22 players! While at least 2 of those, from TX and in Tulsa for the holidays, won't be with us this time for sure, we are hoping for another great turn out with even more people having heard about the Feb 18th time, and also have at least 1 player coming down from Kansas, as well as several from Norman, and perhaps a few from OKC - so it should be good times!

Tourny = Feb 18th, a Saturday. Signup at 8, tourny starts at 9pm. Funhouse.

For maps on how to get to Funhouse, and all the details, visit this thread -

For more information about the upcoming Regionals location in Tulsa, or for a site to watch for future events, check out - or click the image below!

>Click here to read more about Soul Calibur 3 nationals, Tulsa regionals, and Tulsa Soul Calibur 3 tournaments