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The Soul Still Burns [entries|friends|calendar]
Soul Calibur II Gaming

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Soul Calibur 4 teaser vid out! [13 Jun 2007|04:06pm]

So - we've got our first Soul Calibur 4 teaser vid!  


It's short, and mainly focuses on the pretty pretty textures...  BUT - now we at least know - PS3, and xbox 360...

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Soul Calibur cosplay at AnimeUSA [20 Nov 2006|05:22pm]

Got back from AnimeUSA. I didn't cosplay from Soul Calibur like I normally do (I've retired my Kilik costumes--hope to make a new one soon though!), but I did take pics at the Soul Calibur photoshoot featuring some friends of mine:

under cutCollapse )

And here's a gif I just had to make with two of the pics that I took:

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Nightmare Doll [06 Sep 2006|07:20pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello! I'm a young artist who makes anime/video game plushies. I recently made a Nightmare doll from Soul Calibur II. This doll was on comission, but it's starting to look like the person who asked for him is going to back out without paying. There's still a chance they may buy him, but in case they don't I thought I'd post him and see if anyone else was interested!

Click here for picturesCollapse )

x-posted to several Soul Calibur and Gaming communities. Sorry if you see this more than once ^.^;;

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Since two people wanted to see [18 Jul 2006|01:59pm]

Found some more pics of Soul Calibur cosplayers at this past Anime Expo (some of which include myself as P2 Kilik).

under cut for those who aren't interestedCollapse )

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[25 Jul 2006|04:40am]
I'm not strong at religion but I know what we must "Prey" to! Did anybody play this game? I know that nobody. There will be armageddon in the supermarkets... http://game-era.com/preview/id/10

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Soul Calibur at AX2006 [06 Jul 2006|03:08pm]

Thought I'd share my Soul Calibur cosplayer pics from Anime Expo over the weekend. I was there as P2 Kilik from SCII, but I almost never get pics of myself!

pics under cutCollapse )

There was a large gathering for the Soul Calibur photoshoot with all of the above attending, along with a number of others (including 2 Nightmares!)

I don't have any pics of that, since I was in the mix getting pics taken, but there will probably be a number of pics from that posted on Cosplay.com soon enough. I'll link to those when they go up if there is interest.

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Soul Calibur blog ring [11 Jun 2006|04:29am]

I decided to make a blog ring for the Soul Calibur games. For those who don't know what a blogring is, its basically where you choose a character to be and I make a little graphic for you and you post it on your userinfo.

Go here to join!


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[08 Mar 2006|02:48am]

Grand Rapids Fight Club Presents
The Ultimate Video Game Experience

Specializing in:
A Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament--Singles and Doubles (Nintendo Gamecube)
A Soul Calibur 2 tournament (Multi-platform)
and A Dragonball Z Budokai 3 Tournament (Playstation 2)

The Tournament will be held at

The Ultimate Lan Experience in Grand Rapids, Michigan
537(Suite A) Leonard Street NW Grand Rapids, MI.

The Date of the Tournaments will be held on
Saturday April 29th, 2006.

for more information check out gr_fightclub

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Already posted on another SC comm [20 Feb 2006|05:46pm]

So I won't waste your friends page view and just give you a link to the pimpage.

Mods, if this isn't allowed, go ahead and delete. Thanks!


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Feb 18th Soul Calibur 3 tournament - spread the word! [09 Feb 2006|01:42pm]

Disclaimer - This is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Wasn't sure if anyone would care, but thought I'd go ahead and post about it just in case -
Soul Calibur 3 - Feb 18th Tourny!@#
That's right, another SC tournament is coming up!

The last tournament we had went great, with 22 players! While at least 2 of those, from TX and in Tulsa for the holidays, won't be with us this time for sure, we are hoping for another great turn out with even more people having heard about the Feb 18th time, and also have at least 1 player coming down from Kansas, as well as several from Norman, and perhaps a few from OKC - so it should be good times!

Tourny = Feb 18th, a Saturday. Signup at 8, tourny starts at 9pm. Funhouse.

For maps on how to get to Funhouse, and all the details, visit this thread -

For more information about the upcoming Regionals location in Tulsa, or for a site to watch for future events, check out http://okgamers.com - or click the image below!

>Click here to read more about Soul Calibur 3 nationals, Tulsa regionals, and Tulsa Soul Calibur 3 tournaments

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New dude [21 Dec 2005|09:21pm]

Hi all, im new to the community...it seems to have swapped over to an SC3 community, but, whatever.

I have been playing soul calibur 2 for...well, not all that long, not even a full year, but I think its a kickass game anyways. I especially prefer Nightmare, Mitsurugi, Ivy, and Necrid...and sometimes Link and Astaroth. Yeah, I know. Astaroth. Slow guy, but he has the coolest throws!

I have two questions. One: Can anybody find/make me a Nightmare userpic?

Two: Can someone tell me...how in the blazes is anyone supposed to do Ivy's Calamity Symphony? I just can't manage to pull it off.

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a colorbar... [26 Nov 2005|09:10am]

[ mood | content ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Just do not claim as yours or hotlink ^^

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SC3 opening movie? [03 Nov 2005|02:20am]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone have a link to the SC3 opening movie??? i've only seen a tiny one of pathetic quality ^^;;; other links i found are of the "backstage..." series, not the actual CG intro itself.

Thank you!

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[01 Nov 2005|07:07pm]

Anyone has a list of the (Japanese) voice actors in Soul Calibur III?
I'm especially interested in who did Tira, I'm sure I've heard it before somewhere.

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[25 Oct 2005|07:46am]

Praise be!

Today is the 25th. Local Dutch time.
Now where's that game?! >_>

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[14 Oct 2005|06:20pm]

Hi all!

I was strolling around Wikipedia for some info about Soul Calibur 3, and it appears there're quite some leaked screens over here. Where the fourth picture actually shows everyone who's going to appear in SCIII.


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SC3 Icons [08 Oct 2005|01:33pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey there everyone!
Since we have only 17 more days until we can have SC3 in our hot little hands, I thought I would celebrate with a few icons of my fav characters. Please comment if you are going to take one, and please credit if you use.

4-Cassandra, 4-Sophitia, 3-TalimCollapse )

4-Xianghua, 2-Ivy, 1-Talim ***NEW***Collapse )

x-posted to other Soul Calibur communities
I hope it is alright to post some SC3 icons here, if it is not, please delete the post.
EDIT: added more icons. Look under second cut

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SC3 demo - jus so you know... [04 Oct 2005|01:21am]

So - A - if you didn't already know - the official Playstation Magazine has hit the stands for October - carrying with it a demo for SOUL CALIBUR 3!@#

Good news - you can play 4 characters, bad news, it's not easy lol.

2 normal - Mitsu and Tira. You can get to Kilik and Zasalamel as well though.

Unlocking ='s go to single mode / create your own character / fly through - just make a character and approve it for battle, then as it gets past the 'face off screen' have the opposite controller hit start.

You'll have Zal on the 1p, Tira on the second. Hit r1/l1 to 'change costume' and you'll get Kilik!@#

YOU CANNOT SWITCH BACK HOWEVER. Also, it's set to time and 3 out of 5, then totally restarts back to the demo screen. Solution - play 2 out of three and restart, or just stop before someone dies.

Anyway - now you know, and can pit those three against each other, or from the normal screen Mitsu / Mitsu or Tira / Tira or of course, Mitsu Tira.

Also from good sources I've been told that this isn't a full demo / there are more moves - but yea, if you want to get into it quicker, have 10$, or just want to start with that sytem now - here ya go.

Anyway, it's what I know / have been told at least. Zal - your not seeming too bad. Kilik - you might be? GASP - FEASIBLE?! Oh, blessed be the potential.

x posted to the 2 sc communities I know.

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RP promo [19 Sep 2005|03:17pm]

I hope I'm allowed to do this and I don't see anywhere on the user info saying you can't but...

I'm looking for Soul Edge/Calibur RPers for a RP I created and collaborated with my best friend. We take all characters from any Soul Edge/Calibur games. If you need more info, take a peek here:


The only catch is that there is an appy (a simple one) you have to submit, and Kilik, Yunsung, and Talim are taken. Everyone else is available. And also, this is a multifandom RP. There are other games in which you can apply for.

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment or catch me on my AIM s/n, Thief Legault. Thanks!

x-posted to other similar comms, so please excuse the dust if you see this more than once? *smilesweatdrop*

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A push in the right direction... [09 Jul 2005|10:46pm]

Could anybody be so kind as to tell me where I can find images of Seung Mina from Soul Calibur (not 2) in her second player green outfit? Or if anyone happens to have any, would they mind sharing?

I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks so much everyone! <3


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